Helping People with Low Vision in New York

low vision eye assist

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Gazing at a beloved grandchild’s photo for the first time or reading a cherished letter from a friend is taken for granted by most of us. However, if you suffer from vision impairment, you have experienced this pain and much more. Often times, those suffering from low vision will feel frustration or depression at the loss of independence.

We understand how low vision impacts quality of life and it’s our goal to provide hope and help with our low vision products. Contact us today to find out how!

Only the Best Magnifying Products

Here at Eye Assist, LLC we guarantee top of the line technology when it comes to your vision. As a certified distributor of Enhanced Vision’s low vision products, you know that you’re getting the best.

Our product selection includes an array of digital magnifiers, advanced video magnification (CCTV), and desktop LCD magnifiers with a variety of screen sizes and magnification levels. Our friendly staff will help you test-drive some of the products to make sure you find the right product to match your unique needs.

Your Needs Come First

low vision eye assist

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We are committed to delivering the best in quality customer service that is both friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll carefully evaluate your situation to make the best recommendations possible and customize the right solution to fit your specific needs. With our team, you know that you have a support staff and a coach to help you until you feel comfortable.

Keeping Costs in Mind

The value of sight is priceless, but costs can still scare people away. That’s not the case with us. We deliver high quality products with the price tag to match. You know you’ll be getting the best in customer service, quality products, and the confidence boost that comes with independent living.  More and more people are walking away with the joy of enhanced sight.

Southern New York’s Best Choice

low vision eye assist

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Eye Assist, LLC is Southern New York’s best choice for low vision products. Since 2007, Eye Assist, LLC has been dedicated to providing only the best low vision products to areas from Poughkeepsie to New York City and surrounding communities, as well as Long Island and New Jersey.

Our goal is to provide products that assist the visually impaired.  Providing products that are innovative, easy-to-use, and reliable allows us to contribute to visually impaired persons ability to remain independent.